Frequently Asked Questions
We are so glad that you have taken the time to visit the web home for New Life Fellowship Baptist Church.  Below are a series of frequentely asked questions with answers.  We hope that this information will be helpful and that you will be able to come see us some Sunday real soon.
    Who are the people at New Life?
  • 1.  They are friendly and faithful followers of Jesus Christ
    2.  They are children, teens, young adults, parents, seniors, singles, and couples
    3.  They are multi-ethnic people originating from Africa, Asia, South America, the Carribian, and North America.
    4.  They are people who would love to meet you and join you on a journey of learning to know God.
    What are the Services like at New Life?
  • The following ideals guide our worship

    1.  A strong emphasis upon preaching and teaching the Word of God.
    2.  A significant time for public and/or small group prayer.
    3.  To worship God in song using hymns, chorus, and spiritual songs.
    4.  A time for fellowship and sharing of one another's praises and burdens from the week.

    A typical worship service at New Life begins with about a half hour of singing and prayer.  During this time traditional hymns along with choruses are sung.   Occasionally a choir or small group will sing during this time.   At some point the pastor will allow for the congregation to share in praises and prayer requests after which the pastor will lead in prayer for these things.   There is a time for giving of offerings and typically another song and then the pastor will deliver the message.  Messages typically focus on a single passage of scripture and last 45 - 55 minutes. 

    What about babies?
  • We love babies!

    There is a nursery provided for each worship service.  The nursery is located down the stairs and to the right.  It is always staffed by at least two people and is available for young ones up to around three years of age.

    All of our workers who are at least 18 years old have undergone background checks and been approved by the leadership of the church. Approved teens are used as assistants to the primary nursery workers.

    Some parents prefer to keep their young babies with them during the services and that is fine with us.  There is a changing table located in the women's upstairs bathroom.
    What about children's ministry?
  • There are quite a few ministeries for children throughout the week and year.  Check on the "Ministry" link for more information.

    On Sunday mornings the first ministry for children is Sunday School which runs at the same time as the adult Bible study hour.  Children are divided between pre-school - second grade, third grade - sixth grade, and teens.

    During the worship service another children's ministry is held.   At the beginning of the service (10:30) all the children (except babies in the nursery) are in the sanctuary with their parents.  The children take part in the singing, prayer, and offering part of the service.   When the pastor is about to begin the message children up through fifth grade exit to the downsairs classroom area for their own lessons.

    The children's lessons often includes additional singing, Bible memory work, a bell choir, games, as well as the weekly Bible lessons.

    Parents are asked to pick their children from the classrooms after the service.
    How should I dress if I come to a service?
  • There is no "proper" way to dress when coming to New Life other than being modest.

    Many of the people in attendence will be wearing fairly formal clothing.  This means men with ties or coats and ladies in skirts or dress slacks.   Other people dress in more casual clothing.  

    We do believe that the public worship of God is an important and worthy endeavor and that our appearance should not be purposly disrespectful, slovenly, or immodest.    If a person kept this in mind it would be highly unusual for a guest to feel that he or she was out of place in one of our services.

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