Welcome from Pastor Hughes
I count it a great honor to be writing to you today.  The passion of my life is to teach people about God and His plan for our existence. 

The great questions of life, "how did we get here?", "what is our purpose?", and "is there a God who has any effect on our lives?" are all answered by God's Word, the Bible.    The ministries of New Life Fellowship Baptist Church center around teaching these truths from the Bible.

The most primary Bible truth is that of salvation; how to be forgiven of our sins, restored to a right relationship with God, and receive the promise of eternal life in heaven.    We seek to teach the Bible's truth about salvation in light of the many confusing doctrines and philosophies vying for peoples' hearts today. (See our page about salvation)

Beyond teaching the Bible's truths concerning salvation, we seek to be Bible centered in every way.  Sermons at New Life are delivered systematically through the text of Scripture, sometimes called expository preaching and teaching.   Our children are taught the Bible from their youngest years in an age appropriate manner.

Often people will seek counseling through the church and this is also done using the Bible with the conviction that God's Word is sufficient to solve mans' problems today. 

To summarize all that our church is about we have a motto:  "Where the WORD Changes Life." It is exciting to be involved in the business of changing lives and that is what the Word of God is all about.

Please use this web site as a resource for your own spiritual growth.  This should be a growing library of audio, video, and text resources.  Check back often and be encouraged.

Finally, we would love to have the privilege or ministering to you in person.  Drop us an email, leave a reply on a blog, or best of all come visit us on a Sunday. 

May the Lord draw you unto Himself and richly bless you.

Pastor Patrick Hughes
Where the WORD Changes Life