What is it like at New Life?
This pages provides a brief summary for you understand New Life Fellowship Baptist Church.  Read our doctrinal statement, constitution, and other information for fuller information.

1.  We teach salvation through Jesus Christ, the eternal Son of God.   
Salvation is by grace and is received by faith alone.  No human work or goodness can aid in ones salvation.  Salvation is received when a repentent sinner calls upon the Savior in faith.

2. We are all about the Word of God, the Bible.

3.  We are independent.  
This means that, though we have the word "baptist" in our name, we are not part of any official denomination.  We are under the authority of Jesus Himself and His Word. 

4.  We are baptist.  
We believe the things that baptist people have believed and confessed for hundreds of years.

5.  We are formost concerned with being holy and pleasing God rather than being worldly and pleasing the flesh.

6.  We are what some people would call traditional in our manner of worship.