Real Faith

People mean a lot of different things when they use the word "faith".  What does faith mean when God uses the word?   We explore this topic of faith as it unfolds in the New Testament book of James.    The book of James is a letter nearly 2,000 years old yet it deals with the most contemporary of issues:  trials in our lives, class warfare, wavering faith, false vs. true religion, the uncontrolable tongue, doing good works, prayer, sickeness and more.  

Sermon 5.   True faith WORKS.                  James 2:12-26.    July 14, 2019.   Audio.    Notes PDF.
Sermon 4.   True faith shows no partiality.  James 2:1-13.      July ,   2019.      Audio.    Notes PDF.
Sermon 3.    True faith DOES the Word.     James 1:19-27.    June 30, 2019.   Audio.    Notes PDF.
Sermon 2.    Drawn away and enticed.         James 1:12-18.   June 23, 2019.   Audio.    Notes PDF.
Sermon 1.    Real faith gets tested.               James 1:1-8.       June 16, 2019.   Audio.    Notes PDF.